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Howlite Set

Howlite Set

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White Howlite is a stone of infinite patience. Howlite can help bring new ideas into focus and aids in achieving ambitions and dreams. White Howlite has a soft peaceful energy that is calming, it can help settle an overactive mind. Howlite can help better understand both verbal and non-verbal communication.

Magical Powers:
~ Aids in the communication of one's emotions
~ Assists with tolerance and patience
~ Decreases selfishness, resentment and rudeness
~ Discharges excessive stress and releases anger
~ Heightens self-awareness and desire for improvement
~ Facilitates proper rest and sleep
~ If placed beside bed, enhances dream recall
~ Aids in balancing calcium levels

Chakras: Throat (5th)

Zodiac: Gemini

Element: Air/Wind
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